Conversations with Maria Callas

Callas gesprekken

The talk show with (and about) Maria Callas, broadcast on French television in April 1969, is simply fascinating. Callas, clearly inspired by Jackie O., looks very sophisticated and sweet in her elegant dress. She accepts all compliments with confident modesty, and she doesn’t seem to be bothered by the cigarette smoke that is blown in her face.


With Luchino Visconti she muses about acting, and discusses her latest project: Medea in a film by Passolini in which he acts as well. Captivated she watches the filmed conversation with Elvira de Hidalgo, who, chain-smoking, puts her former pupil in the limelight.

We hear her say what we have always secretly known: she loves Norma and Violetta because of their selflessness. She finds Tosca ridiculous and Carmen horrible: she has no interest in promiscuous women, they do not fit in with her ideal world view.

The conversation is interspersed with fragments and scenes from various operas and concerts. Most of the material is well known, but remains fascinating.


The Callas Conversations – Volume II: L’invitée du dimanche (1969)
Le Monde de la Musique
EMI Classics DVB 38845799

Translated with (free version)


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