Kim and Blechacz,  a mix of Polish melancholy and French elegance

blechacz kim

Polish master pianist Rafał Blechacz and Korean star violinist Bomsori Kim have recently formed a duo, at least on the stage. Their collaboration brought them to the Deutsche Grammophon studio, where they recorded a CD with Polish and French works for violin and piano.

The choice of these two countries is explained by the music of Frédéric Chopin, whose Nocturne No.20 in C minor, arranged by Nathan Milstein, is on the CD. Chopin, who lived half of his short life in France, symbolises – at least according to the compilers – the perfect symbiosis of Polish melancholy and French elegance. But whether this also applies to the other composers on the CD?

Oh well, it’s not really important since the music is so beautiful. Not that I have no comments. I find the piano too dominant and too loud, at least in Fauré. Blechacz is a more than excellent pianist, who is known for his poetic touch and that is precisely what is missing here!

But that could be due to the recording, because in Debussy the balance is restored and you can finally hear how really wonderful Kim’s performance is. Her bowing techniques are delicate and her delivery mysterious and mystical, and so is the sound of the pianist. Exactly as it should be.

Rafał Blechacz (piano), Bomsori Kim (violin)
DG 48364671

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