Scara Scuderi

A few words about Sara Scuderi on her birthday

Sara Scuderi was born on December 11, 1906. She sang widely in Italy and Europe, most notably in the Netherlands! She had a contract at La Scala where she received high praise for her interpretations of the most well-known operas.

Scuderi, who was Jewish, was born in Catania/ She made a debut there as Leonora “Il Trovatore’. She sang in the most theatres worldwide and her interpretations of Tosca will are particularly celebrated, with the 1937 production at the Terme de Caracallea a, with Beniamino Gigli and Luigi Montesanto being among the best known. Additionally, she premiered the operas Il volto della Vergine (Ezio Camussi) and Giulio Cesare (Malipiero).

She retired from the stage at the end of the 1940s. For the latter part of her life, she lived at the Casa di Riposo per Musicti, the world’s first nursing home for retired opera singers, founded by Giuesppe Verdi. Film director Daniel Schmid used Scuderi as a central character in his capture of the essence of the retirement home for these former glories in his Il Baccio de Tosca, in 1984. Scuderi died three years later, in 1987. (Wikipedia)

As you porbably all know I am a great Tosca admirer. The are thousands of ‘Toscas’ on the market. I will certainly not discuss them, too much, too many really good ones. Go and listen to Rosa Ponselle, Rosa Raisa, Mafalda Favero, Maria Caniglia, Magda Olivero, Renata Tebaldi, Maria Callas, Zinka Milanov, Eleanor Steber, Leyla Gencer, Leontyne Price, Montserrat Cabbalè, Renata Scotto, Raina Kabaivanska, Régine Crespin … They are all excellent, each in their own way, as it should be with a real diva. But – for me – no one beats Sara Scuderi: