Arnold van Mill: is there someone who still remembers him?

Decca van Mill

The Dutch bass Arnold van Mill is almost completely forgotten nowadays. How unfair! His voice is a bit reminiscent of the young Kurt Moll, which of course is also due to the repertoire. Beautiful!

Below is the duet from Der Fliegende Holländer. Arnold Van Mill sings Daland and George London Der Holländer:

Van Mill was mainly famous for his Wagner roles. Unfortunately they are not on this CD. But his smooth bass was also very suitable for Singspiel and operetta. His Lortzing, Cornelius, Nicolai and Weber (all present on this CD) are a pure delight for the ear. All real collector items. Thank you, Decca!

The CD is complemented by Russian songs, sung by the Bulgarian bass Raphael Arié. Another great singer who is ompletely forgotten.

The combination is not really a happy one: not only does the repertoire differ like day and night, the voices are incomparable as well; which does not prevent me from enjoying him enormously! Hopefully Decca will have more of Arié on the shelf, because my wish list with his recordings is quite long!

Below Arié sings ‘Ella giammai m’amo’ from Don Carlo


  1. Van Mill heeft in de Wieland Wagner jaren na 1951 in Bayreuth verschillende rollen gezongen zoals Titurel, Hunding, König Marke, Daland, Fafner en Fasold. Van die jaren bestaan verschillende live-opnamen…

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  2. Hij zong ook in de première van The Devils of Loudon van Penderecki in 1969 en Koning Marke in Tristan in de opname o.l.v. Solti. Ik herinner hem vooral als Heinrich der Vogler in Lohengrin in 1972. Zijn laatste optreden bij De Nederlandse Operastichting vond plaats in 1976. Hij vertolkte de keukenmeid in De liefde voor de drie sinaasappelen. Heel goed dat er weer eens aandacht aan hem wordt besteed. We zijn hem niet vergeten.

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